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NII Holdings is a provider of differentiated mobile communication services for businesses and high-value consumers in Brazil. NII Holdings, operating under the Nextel brand in Brazil, offers fully integrated wireless communications tools with digital cellular voice services, data services, wireless Internet access, Nextel Direct Connect® and International Direct Connect℠ digital two-way radio.


Our Nextel customers in Brazil can consolidate business and personal communication needs with only one device.

Nextel Direct Connect®

Communicate instantly and efficiently at the push of a button.

Now available on 3G in Brazil, Nextel Direct Connect push-to-talk provides all the benefits of PTT on devices with fast 3G data. It's the right productivity tool for people, businesses, and communities who want to accomplish more with speed and savings.

International Direct Connect℠

International Direct Connect℠ simplifies coordination of a multinational workforce, improves the decision making process, and eliminates the need for long distance calling, calling cards, operators, busy signals, “phone tag”, voice mail messages and “on hold” time - just get right through. Use Direct Connect service with the U.S., Canada, Argentina, Brazil, and El Salvador when traveling to any of these countries. PTT roaming coverage for 3G devices is continuing to expand to new destinations. Check with your local market for availability.

Note: IDC and PTT roaming capabilities vary by device. See local market for details.

Nextel PTT with Groups

Reach everyone - at once! Nextel's DC Group service allows you to get the word out fast. When everyone needs to know and there's no time to wait!

Note: DC Group calling is not interoperable with iDEN service. *Maximum group size can vary by market. Talkgroup calling is a separate group PTT service for iDEN users. See local market for details.

NII Holdings' next generation high performance Push-to-Talk (PTT) service in Brazil is interoperable with Sprint Direct Connect service. International Direct Connect℠ (IDC) interoperability enables NII Holdings' subscribers with 3G PTT service in Brazil to instantly communicate with Sprint’s Direct Connect customers at the push of a button. The service operates both on NII home networks and while customers are roaming in international markets. IDC interoperability provides all of our PTT customers in Latin America with a reliable option to connect with Sprint’s US-based PTT users instantly, following the decommissioning of Sprint’s iDEN® network in 2013.

PTT over Wi-Fi

Take your iDEN phone virtually anywhere - and use Direct Connect! Now you can use Nextel push-to-talk virtually anywhere in the world. All you need is an internet connection and a capable iDEN phone. It's great to use:

Note: Offered on select iDEN devices in Nextel Brazil. Make and receive Direct calls and Alerts with iDEN, 3G PTT and PRIP® users in all Nextel markets. Make and receive Talkgroup calls with iDEN and PRIP users. See local markets for details.


Prip is a walkie–talkie application that enables you to have instant real-time conversations with other Prip users as well as Nextel customers in Brazil. Prip is available for download in the United States and works with any U.S. mobile carrier for Android and iPhone. Use Prip via 3G or 4G networks or over Wi-Fi anywhere in the world. Learn more at

Nextel Digital Cellular Telephony

Make and receive local, national and international phone calls from your Nextel handset. Our digital telephony service offers features such as call hold, call waiting, call forwarding, and 3-way calling. Nextel also offers NextelWorldwide℠ , a roaming service available to make calls when traveling to countries not in the Nextel network.


We offer your favorite device to connect you to Your World, from cutting edge smartphones to the most basic communication devices.

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